Each week, you'll spend two days learning Hebrew, studying Jewish identity and texts, and exploring the many complex issues facing Israeli society as a whole, as well as the communities with whom you work in volunteering.

You'll spend one day each week studying at the Bina Secular Yeshiva in south Tel Aviv, and the other at the Daniel Centers' Mishkenot Ruth building in Jaffa. You will have a period of intensive Hebrew language learning during the first orientation portion of the program (2-3 weeks), as well as additional Hebrew classes during the main part of the program. We'll have different levels available, so all speaking abilities are welcome.

You'll also take part in Jewish identity workshops; classes focusing on social justice through the lens of the Jewish texts; issues facing Israeli society; volunteering skills; and background information about the populations and neighborhoods that you are working with.

Tikkun Olam emphasizes exploring many different issues from as broad a range of perspectives as possible, and engaging with those issues in a first-hand matter. For example, rather than just learning about the controversy surrounding African asylum-seekers in south Tel Aviv, we'll meet with asylum seekers, neighborhood residents, and representatives from refugee aid organizations who can share their first-hand experiences.