Placement Process


Here's how you'll get to your Tikkun Olam internship:
1. Apply for Tikkun Olam in Tel Aviv-Jaffa
You'll need to submit a full program application, and take part in a telephone interview with a member of our staff.  Internship track participants must also submit the additional "internship track application" form. 

2. Be accepted to the program and confirm your participation

We will notify you of your admissions decision via email.  You will then have 4 weeks to confirm your participation in the program by making your $750 confirmation fee payment.  Please note – acceptance to the Tikkun Olam program does NOT guarantee your internship placement!
3. Take part in an internship consultation
Once you have confirmed your participation in Tikkun Olam, one of the program's assignment coordinators will contact you to schedule a Skype consultation.  You will get to hear explanations about the different internship opportunities, about their requirements, and have a chance to ask questions.  Your assignment coordinator will ask you about your interests, skills and abilities, and help guide you to an internship that is the right fit for you.
4. Additional interviews and orientation
Most internship locations will want to conduct some kind of interview with you – either through Skype/phone or in person, after you have arrived on the program.   During the first few weeks of the program, when you are not in Hebrew class, you will also have a chance to go and see different potential internship placements if you are still unsure about where you would like to intern.
Click here to visit our online application and get started now!  Or read through our internship listings to learn about the opportunities available.