Internship Track Application

The following application is required to be accepted to the Tikkun Olam Internship Track.


Applicants to the Internship Track must submit a full standard program application, undergo a phone interview and be accepted to the Tikkun Olam program.  After you have received your acceptance and paid your confirmation fee, reserving your spot on the program, one of Tikkun Olam's assignment coordinators will contact you to schedule your internship consultation.  


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This is the phone number we will use to contact you for your internship consultation

Internship Preferences

Please provide the following information: name of organization, a brief description of the position you have arranged (or would like to arrange), and briefly explain any progress you have made so far contacting the organization.
Please note -- outside internships are subject to approval by Tikkun Olam staff!  Self-arranged internships should be in the greater Tel Aviv-Jaffa area, work with a non-profit organization, and be able to fit into the Tikkun Olam program schedule.

Essay Questions

Please answer the following questions in detail. You may submit them through this form, or you may attach a Word/PDF file below. All questions are mandatory!

If you prefer, you may upload a text document with your essay answers.