The Daniel Centers

The Daniel Centers for Progressive Judaism are leading cultural, educational and religious institutions serving thousands of Israelis in Tel Aviv-Jaffa. The Daniel Centers provide secular Israelis with a stronger connection to their Jewish heritage and identity, imparting modern relevance to ancient traditions – speaking a modern Jewish-Israeli language.

The Daniel Centers are comprised of Beit Daniel and Mishkenot Ruth Daniel.

Beit Daniel

Beit Daniel, situated in north Tel Aviv, founded in 1991, is the first Reform Synagogue built in Israel and one of the largest Reform congregations.

Beit Daniel serves thousands of people annually through diverse programming: a preschool network, programs for schools, conversion school, Bar-Bat Mitzvah school, programs for seniors and for families and an abundance of learning frameworks. Beit Daniel boasts an active young adult and students' forum offering varied learning, social and spiritual opportunities.

Beit Daniel is a caring community committed to values of social justice, inclusiveness and equality.

Mishkenot Ruth Daniel
Mishkenot Ruth Daniel opened its doors in May, 2007. A unique complex, situated in the heart of Jaffa, MRD is comprised of an education and culture center and guest house. MRD is committed to promoting a pluralistic voice in Israeli society through diverse educational programming.

MRD works to strengthen Israeli and Diaspora relations while revealing to visitors the beauty, challenges and intricacies of Israeli society. MRD offers educational programs to organizations such as Birthright, NFTY, Young Judea, Federations and congregations.

Located in Jaffa near the ancient port city and the sleek Tel Aviv shoreline, MRD aims at promoting dialogue between the many people who call Jaffa home: Arabs and Jews, long timers and veterans, religious and secular.

In Jaffa, ancient traditions meet modern city life and east meets west as Jaffa's unique rhythm joins Tel Aviv's urban turmoil.